Big day today!  Getting the final bits done and installed!

Devil’s in the Details

Trimming Excess from Power Leads

Trimming Excess from Power Leads

The power lines that I chose were no doubt overkill.  As such, I wanted to make sure I didn’t have more than what I needed due to their weight.  After doing some more test-fitting, I realized that I could trim them back another inch.  Might not seem like much but when you multiply that by 16, there’s actually quite a weight savings.

Mind the Sharp Edges

This ended up being a long and tedious job but I decided to take the sharp edges from the carbon center plates.  At first I started doing it by hand, using small sanding stick and such but eventually resorted to my Dremel.

Crossing my "I"s and Dotting my "T"s.

Crossing my “I”s and Dotting my “T”s.

Final Assembly

The rest of the pics you’ll see are from the final assembly.  Before I put the props on, I triple check that all the motors were spinning in the right direction.  Despite being super careful with my wiring, I found a few that needed to be reversed!

Sexy Good Looks

As you can see, all of the planning and attention to details has resulted in one clean looking bird!  Let’s hope she flies as good as she looks.




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