Spent a couple hours this morning on the electronic assembly for the arms.  Part of the reason we chose this frame is because of all the room in the arms to potentially stuff ESCs in.  As you might have noticed in some of our previous posts, we’re using Maytech 75amp ESCs to give ample headroom for our heavier payloads.  Due to using the larger ESCs, we can’t put the ESCs side by side – which would have been ideal (same wire lengths, less fuss, etc…) – so we are running them lengthwise down the arms.  My main concern at first with doing this was whether  or not I needed to keep all the wire lengths the same.  I asked around and half of those I asked said to keep them the same and the other half said it didn’t really matter as long as they weren’t too different.  I decided to just go for it and cut the wires to the length needed and not worry about matching wire length – at least as it relates to the arm assembly.  Everywhere else I’ve managed to keep power line length the same (center frame wiring).

Question I have for our experienced readers:  Do I need to braid the motor wires to help with electromagnetic noise?  I’m no electrical engineer so any practical advice on this would be appreciated.

This Friday we have a school from Denver coming up to see our offices / shop so I’m going to hold off soldering the rest of the arms until they arrive so they can observe us at work.  Next week we’re hoping to get the new motor mounts in so we should have this build finished in the next couple weeks.

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