I had a few hours to make some progress on the build so I decided to continue with the power distribution wiring and plan out the rail system / gimbal mount a bit.  I had a few concerns going into it but they were all quickly allayed…

  1. Would the Famous Hobby gimbal mount fit perfectly onto the rail system provided by Gryphon Dynamics (GD)?
  2. Would there be enough room between the gimbal mounting plate and the power distribution board?
  3. Does the gimbal mounting plate have enough vibration dampeners to take the heft of our monster gimbal

Firstly, checkout how perfect the gimbal mounting plate fits!  I figured it would be close as they are both designed around the rail system for DJI’s ZenMuse but you never know…  For now I think we’re going to stick with this rail system on all our builds so that we can swap around gimbals easily.

Also, you’ll notice that we have tons of room between the power distribution board (PDB) and the gimbal mounting plate.  If it was going to be tight, I was going to add another bottom plate but this will be nice as it will make getting to the PDB and BEC very convenient.

As far as the gimbal mounting plate / vibration dampener, I’ve given it a strong tug and it seems like it’s up for the challenge of hauling our gimbal.  I’m very curious to see how it performs in terms of vibration dampening though I think this rig will be very stiff.

Also cut all the inner power leads and started soldering on the female bullets.  I’m trying to keep all the power and motor wires the same length for consistency.  To do this with the inner power leads, I marked them all with a paint pen and then cut them all to the length of the longest wire.

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