Build Log // Gryphon X8 // Day 1

In this build log, we’ll be building a Gryphon Dynamics X8 1000mm setup to haul larger cameras such as the Red Epic/Scarlet and our in-house FS700.  You can also follow along with Phil Van Drunen as he’ll be focusing on building the gimbal that will be mounted to this beast.

It’s been feeling a lot like Christmas will never end with the daily delivery of boxes, filled with all the bits, pieces & goodies for building this rig.  Just a couple days ago the foundation of this build – the new Gryphon Dynamics 1000mm X8 with folding arms arrived.  Needless to say, I was excited to finally get to tear into all the tidy packaging to start planning things out.

Parts are Nicely Organized

Parts are Nicely Organized

To start it all off, we’re very impressed with Gryphon Dynamics attention to detail and it shows even in their packaging; with boxes clearly organized & labeled and all the bits nicely sectioned in heat-seal type bags.

I only had a couple hours to spend on the build today, so mostly I just wanted to start planning the wiring.  Part of the reason we selected the Gryphon frame set is due to there being plenty of room to hide ESCs.  I’ll be installing 2 75amp Maytech ESCs per outer arm.  To do this, I’ll be extending the power leads a bit which is generally not advisable due to line inductance potentially damaging the ESCs.  This can be remedied however by adding capacitors in line which I’ll cover in a future post.

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