Build Log // Gimbal // 01

In planning our heavy lift build we scoured the internet for a gimbal capable of carrying heavy cameras such as the fs700 and or Red Epic. These are fairly heavy cameras and there are few brushless gimbals rated for that payload. Turnkey gimbals are a hit on the pocket book; the most well recognized gimbal, Movi, is about 15k.

BG004 Famous HobbyTo keep cost low and gain a stronger understanding of the inner workings of the brushless gimbal I decided to build my own using the GB004 gimbal kit from Famous Hobby and the Alexmos board.

First impression of the GB004 is that the components are well designed and very high quality. The gimbal comes in several pre-assembled pieces, even without instructions it is easy to see from a single image how the components fit together.

Even so, aligning, balancing, wiring and programming will provide me with weeks of work, which I will continue to document as I make headway.

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